Shopping in Kolkata and Luxurious Kolkata Hotels

Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities of India and also the cultural capital of the sub-continent. It is well renowned for more reasons than one which include various aspects like the colonial structures which reminds of the Victorian age, the sweetness and friendliness of its people and the various shopping possibilities which cater to the demands and requirements of every income group. Right from window shopping at big malls to road side errands, shopping is exciting as well as thrilling. There are shops and market complexes located in and around many luxurious Kolkata hotels which makes shopping easy and convenient for travelers.

Talking about shopping, the city is famous for its taant woven sarees and kantha stitch embroidery which can be found in almost every market complex of Kolkata. One of the most acclaimed and appreciated shopping area in Kolkata is the New Market. It is also known as Hogg’s Market and is a bargain hunter’s delight. There is a wide variety of options of every category of goods available in and around this market junction. Moreover, in the evenings, street vendors come to sell cheap jewelry and eye catching bags in front of the market.Dakshinapan Shopping Center is another famous marketing center in Kolkata. It is clad with Indian state government emporiums which are stocked with fixed price goods from every state of the country. For a more elite crowd and people with hoards of money to spend, a good option is The Forum Mall and the South City Mall. These malls have everything from beautiful clothes, accessories, and shoes to choose from, to a cinema, bar, and Kolkata’s best restaurants as well. On the contrary, Chowringhee Road in Kolkata is very renowned for street shopping. A huge variety of pavement vendors line Chowringhee Road from Park Street to New Market, selling everything bizarre to tacky, including wonderful terracotta wares, which are a Kolkata specialty. Among other traditional shopping markets in Kolkata are the A.C. Market, Vardaan Market and City Center. These places too provide shopping at its best and are also easily accessible as they are situated in the prime locations of the city of joy. Wherever you go shopping in Kolkata, do not miss out on its traditional woven and printed sarees and suit pieces which are readily available almost everywhere in and around the city. Do visit the Park Street area which is housed with plenty of shops like Oxford bookstore, Giggles and the Park Center shopping market complex.

Nice Hotels in Kolkata

Many people visit Kolkata for shopping. But to make a shopping trip more fun, one must find a good hotel for a relaxing stay. Among luxury hotels in Kolkata, one of the best choices is that of Hotel Oberoi. It is a 5 star hotel in Kolkata which is situated right in the New Market shopping complex area. There are hoards of shops lined up just outside the hotel premises, with easy proximity to other shopping locations of Kolkata as well like Park Street, Vardaan Market and A.C. Market. Even the Forum Mall is just 3 km from the hotel location. Being a luxurious 5 star property, it provides the best of services and accommodation facilities along with all latest modern amenities at your finger tips. Being located right in the heart of Kolkata, this hotel enjoys many advantages and benefits over other luxury hotels in Kolkata and therefore is recommended for both business as well as leisure travelers.

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