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Resorts in Bangalore

Emerald isle Resort is Ever-evolving vacation variety. Members-only access to the very best. And unmatched personal service made possible thanks to our trusted, one-on-one relationships with our members. As the world’s leading private club for incomparable luxury vacations, Exclusive Resorts sets the standard for unforgettable travel experience.

Emerald Isle is the orchestrator of our members’ once in a lifetime vacation experiences all around the globe. As a member, you’ll enjoy access to a private collection of hundreds of striking luxury villas in the most sought-after destination, each complete with the military of an attentive Exclusive janitor, access to five-star resort and private club facilities, and outstanding extras like private pools, hot tubs, gastronome kitchens, media rooms and more. And if ever you decide you want to attempt further afield or behind the scenes, you’ll find ever-developing collections of customized “bucket list” journeys and members-only VIP access to important events right at your fingertips as well.

Emerald Isle is the ever-evolving vacation in Bangalore. Members-only access to the very best. And unrivalled personal service made possible thanks to our reliable, one-on-one connections with our associates. As the globe’s major private team for unique high-class holidays, Unique Hotels places the conventional for memorable travel encounters.

It’s time to escape a dreary city winter, pack your favourite pair of bikinis or bardies (wishful thinking never hurts!) and round up family and friends for an all-Aussie coastal escape as a leader in self-contained apartments in stunning resort destinations, Emerald isle Resort is inviting travellers to soak-up the winter sunshine from a different vantage point.

Emerald isle is a dynamic family of hotels and resorts with a true Indian personality; we embrace the energy and spirit of each of our destinations and their unique locations. We combine a modern and genuine approach to service and empower our people to make your stay relaxed and comfortable.

Stay at The Alleppey Hotels For a Taste of Kerala

The staff members at the Alleppey hotels are actually the best people who know firsthand as to when the peak seasons in this beautiful piece of paradise and Kerala are. Though they are sure to label a few periods as the ones that see the maximum amount of business, they will also point out that no season accounts for low business. The amazing Alleppey indeed has more than enough attractions to keep tourists busy throughout the year and this is one of the reasons that make it a favorite with the tourist population, because they know that to visit Alleppey they do not need to look at the calendar. However, if tourists want to experience the high points of the city, a look at the calendar will tell them that there is a wide variety of choice here too.

Among the most favored dates in the Alleppey tourism calendar is that of the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race that takes place on the second Saturday of August each year and attract tourists in their thousands from all over India as well as abroad. The snake boats that line up for the race and the frenzy that they whip up in the waters are indeed a sight to behold. Though there are many who have often witnessed this extravaganza on televisions and even on the internet, nothing is even close to the real thing. The energy in the air gets to even those who are watching the race and one cannot help themselves from picking their favorites.

The Alleppey hotels are the busiest places this time of the year and often have no rooms to offer for tourists who happen to arrive at the last minute without any bookings. But true to the tales of Indian hospitality, the enterprises make every effort to accommodate each guest. Another attraction in Alleppey that whips up a frenzy no matter what time of the year it is, are the houseboats here. The houseboats in the backwaters and the lake here not only make for wonderful photo ops but also offer tourists the opportunity to have a full-fledged staying experience in them. The gentle rocking of the boats and the surrounding beauty of the place pleases every tourist who almost always makes a vow to surely come here again.

There are a large number of hotels in Alleppey thanks to its popularity as a tourist destination and the hotels also fit every budget. The traveler who is a backpacker on an almost nonexistent budget has as much chance of finding a decent place to stay here, as does the wealthy traveler who is only looking for the best in luxury. Whatever the travelers’ needs may be, the Alleppey hotels are right here to take care of them.

Exclusive Experiences For Unique Individuals at Thalassa Boutique Hotel in Kefalonia

Enveloped by the cerulean sea and verdant hillcrests Thalassa boutique hotel is an oasis of relaxation and luxurious comfort ensuring exclusive experiences for unique individuals seeking the ultimate in island-style luxury.

Brilliantly positioned in the charming resort of Lassi, in close proximity to Argostoli, this enchanting luxury hotel in Kefalonia embraces the island spirit and calm serenity of the sea. The stunningly beautiful beach of Makris Gialos is situated only minutes away from the hotel making it an ideal choice for families in search of a summer getaway near the beach. This charming family friendly hotel in Kefalonia is idyllically set in a peaceful location where guests can relax and enjoy hours of serene privacy while at the same time swim in the crystalline waters of the sea, the blissful aura of the beach and the vibrant island lifestyle of Argostoli.

Due to its expedient location amidst the fragrant gardens overlooking the azure of the sea Thalassa boutique hotel is an excellent choice for romantic couples and newlyweds who wish to enjoy an exceptional honeymoon in Kefalonia. The hotel’s enchanting setting and team of professionals can organize the most magical weddings and events to celebrate your one of a kind moments with once in a life time memories.

Featuring a fabulous array of exceptional facilities and services this romantic hotel in Kefalonia aims to offer its esteemed guests a holiday experience that will last for a lifetime. Hotel residents are invited to succumb to the pleasures of luxury island living and start each morning as if it was a new beginning. A scrumptious buffet breakfast inspired by the Greek diet, prepared with the finest local ingredients awaits guests to start off their day in the right way. A rigorous work out at the hotel’s state of the art gym featuring top quality techno gym facilities and equipment can set the tone of the entire day. Before the sun sets and you step out for a walk in the town enjoy a series of remarkable beauty treatments and revitalizing spa services in Kefalonia. Thalassa guarantees an exclusive holiday experience for unique individuals.

Thalassa Boutique Hotel

Lassi, Kefalonia

28100, Greece

Tel: +30 26710 27081-3

Email: sales@

Information About Budget Hotels in India

Always heard of the Indian hospitality but never got a chance to experience one. Well! It’s time to plan your getaway to some of the Luxury Resorts in India, whose cordial receptions will leave you spell bounded. The nation is home to numerous holidaying alternatives for the travelers that can make their sojourn a memorable experience. Moreover, the location of these resorts in the major cities gives travelers enough time to get familiar with the surroundings.

So pack your bags to one of the most sought after holidaying destination in Asia. Owing to its incomprehensible beauty, the country continues to be the hub of tourist attractions from east to west and north to south. Impeccable, opulent, hi-tech and spacious are some of the adjectives for the best Hotels in India. Here luxury and comfort go and hand in hand. Some of the features of the notable resorts are listed below:

Accommodation: The nation has a wide number of accommodations that have ample space and are fully furnished. In addition to this, these resorts and hotels offer multiple options so that the travelers can book their space as desirable from executive room to deluxe room. From solo travelers, couples to those accompanied with family & friends the resorts are perfect options for accommodation.

Affordable: Apart from offering a lavish and sumptuous stay to the visitants, the Indian nation is home to numerous budget hotels. The Budget Hotels in India not only has all that required for a perfect stay but their built in bars and gyms are enough to refresh your mood. If you are underestimating the reach of these hotels in terms of their services then a visit to any one will surely leave you surprised.

Amenities: Furnished with modern equipments and the availability of basic necessities will surely ensure a pleasant visit of yours in the nation. Understanding the ever-growing needs of the guests these resorts have outfitted the ultra-modern facilities for the tourists. So just move into one of the resorts and start enjoying your vacations.

Location: With their proximity to the local markets and malls, the resorts in the country provide all time shopping destination to travelers. Also, these enable the tourists to pay a visit to the nearby local attractions and get the maximum delight from their stay.

Apart from this, the country is home to some of the Best beach resorts that are coveted for their hi-tech amenities, perfect location and in built recreational options such as spa, fitness center and swimming pool. For food lovers, these beach resorts have some of the most scrumptious cuisines and dishes from Continental, Indian to Chinese that will surprise your taste buds.

So if you are disgruntled with your search for best hotels in India, Toshali Resorts International can be your ultimate terminus, where customer satisfaction is the primary objective. Far famed for their hospitality, these Hotels & Resorts are situated at some of the most astonishing locations all across the country. Moreover, our Online Budget Resorts enable a speedy booking as per your desires. So what are you waiting for???? Pleasure is just a click away.

Whether you desire to run away from the confinement of the city life or looks forward for a vacation in the lap of Mother Nature, all your desires will be sufficed by the resorts in India. Being so close to the beauteous locations and too within the comfort of your rooms will definitely set your spirit each day for discovering new aspects of the nearby attractions.

While Vacationing in Kansas City – Stay in Style

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri and is home to a rich combination of culture, industry, and entertainment. From the Sprint Center to the downtown shopping, the famous Kansas City BBQ to the great music venues, there’s plenty here to do, see, and enjoy. In fact, Forbes called the Kansas City downtown area one of America’s best downtowns in 2012. And when you’re planning a trip to Kansas City, whether for work or for play, you’ll want to make sure you stay in style. There are plenty of hotels to be found here, but it’s important that you find one that matches your needs.

To figure out where you’re going to stay, just consider a few things. For starters, if you’re familiar and comfortable with a particular chain of hotels then it makes sense that you look at them first. For instance, if you’re used to the Marriott line of hotels and know that you enjoy staying there, checking into a Kansas City Marriott hotel makes sense. If you’re not a frequent traveler and don’t much about hotels, there are still plenty of ways to find the right hotel for your needs.

Consider location, for starters. Kansas City is a big city, and its metro area covers 316 square miles of land. If you know where you’re going to be while you’re in the city, try to find a hotel near there. In other words, if you’re heading to a Chiefs game you’ll want to find a hotel near the stadium. If you’re here for a full vacation and plan on checking out a lot of different things, a centralized hotel will be better.

Once you’ve got the general location figured out, take a look at amenities. Hotels today offer plenty of different reasons to stay with them ranging from free Wi-Fi internet to complimentary breakfasts. If you have kids, a pool is always a big hit and if you travel with pets you’ll want to find a pet-friendly hotel.

Your time in Kansas City will be enjoyable no matter why you’re in town. But your experience will certainly be influenced by where you lay your head at night. Whether you spend hours each day there or just use it to sleep at night, your hotel room will really matter. Take a few minutes to really research the different options in KC and you’ll find the one that fits your personality perfectly.

Andheri Hotels-Accommodation for Travellers from All Walks of Life

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India has been drawing the fancy of visitors from all parts of the world. There are so many interesting things that you can do in Mumbai. Some explore Mumbai for vacation while others visit it for business purpose. There are various hotels in Mumbai from which you can find the one according to your needs and budget. Andheri hotels are extremely famous amidst travellers. No matter what your budget is, you can easily find an accommodation. These hotels are constructed taking into consideration the needs of tourists. Most of the tourist attractions are easily accessible from this location.

It is fondly known as “Mayanagri”, and is home to the Bollywood. Celebrities from all verticals of the industry can be found here. The glitz and glamour of this vibrant city would leave you enthralled. Right from dazzling beaches, religious temples and monuments, tourist places, splendid shopping markets to various tourist attractions, there is so much that you can do in Mumbai. When it comes to Dining in Mumbai, there are so many options available to choose from. Mumbai is extremely famous for street food. There are several eating joints as well where you can dig into lip smacking food.

Most of the hotels in Mumbai are located nearby to the railway station and airport. It is very easy to commute from Andheri hotels to any other part of the city. There is no dearth of hotels at Andheri in Mumbai. From budget hotels, five star hotels, four star, deluxe and boutique hotels you can find the one that is best for you. The luxury hotels are in accordance with international standards offering excellent services to international travellers. They are well-equipped with all the modern amenities that can make your trip memorable. From internet connection to conference facility, you can get it all at five star or luxury hotels. If you are staying at budget hotel that does not mean you will be getting lower facilities. These hotels also provide quality accommodation.

Work hard and party harder is the mantra people follow in Mumbai. After a tiring and stressful day at work, you would certainly love to spend some relax moments at bar or pub or you might just want to go out and dine with your friends and family. Dining in Mumbai brings along so many options for you. Some of the most famous food items that you can dig into are pani puri, pao bhaji and vada pao. You can easily book hotel room before your arrival. Simply browse web pages and compare price and facilities offered by various hotels and choose the one that best befits your budget as well needs. Pull up your socks and explore the city that never sleeps.

The Greatest Treasures Found in Portsea of Mornington

Has anyone heard about penguin parade? Yes this is the most exciting thing to see on the Philip Island. It is a popular tourist attraction in Eastern Victoria. The look of the waddling of the little penguins on the shore of the Summerland Beach and their burrows at every sunset during all year is just wonderful.

People often visit this place to see only these penguins. These penguins used to feed their young ones during the summer and preen themselves on the shore around the year. It seems that visitors are watching them are oblivious. Next beautiful place is the seal rocks in the western end of the island at the rugged cliffs, where the largest colony of the fur seals of Australia resides. Almost 7000 seals can be seen in this place playing, surfing and feeding their young ones.

Boat trip or board standing view are the ways to see these seals. Philip Island is full of animals of different species and even a large number of koalas are also seen in this place. Then from the east side of the Philip Island is the Mornington peninsula. The Mornington peninsula which extends from Frankston to the Portsea is one the most beautiful Australian places. In this area one can enjoy the accommodation Portsea. The sandy beaches are really amazing and relaxing especially for spending summer holidays. These sandy beaches are very much captivating for sailing, paddling, windsurfing etc. wherein the coast facing Bass Strait is having rock pools, surf beaches and rocky reefs. Moving the length of the peninsula is the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

Accommodation Mornington is available to stay on these places. If you are in the search of chic, sea side resort then you should visit the village of Flinders where the playground Portsea is the most famous for the summer fun. There is a remote French island where there is no telephone or electrical connections. This place of the Mornington peninsula is most famous for its art galleries, scenic beauty, delicious restaurants and small cafes. It is known for the production of vegetables, fruits and grapes most recently. The wine industry is booming here with more than fifty wineries. This peninsula is actually a forest but trees were cut to convert the wild forests into a beautiful city which is now Melbourne. Pinot noir is one of the most special varieties of this place which is well suited to its climate and soil.