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Shopping in Kolkata and Luxurious Kolkata Hotels

Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities of India and also the cultural capital of the sub-continent. It is well renowned for more reasons than one which include various aspects like the colonial structures which reminds of the Victorian age, the sweetness and friendliness of its people and the various shopping possibilities which cater to the demands and requirements of every income group. Right from window shopping at big malls to road side errands, shopping is exciting as well as thrilling. There are shops and market complexes located in and around many luxurious Kolkata hotels which makes shopping easy and convenient for travelers.

Talking about shopping, the city is famous for its taant woven sarees and kantha stitch embroidery which can be found in almost every market complex of Kolkata. One of the most acclaimed and appreciated shopping area in Kolkata is the New Market. It is also known as Hogg’s Market and is a bargain hunter’s delight. There is a wide variety of options of every category of goods available in and around this market junction. Moreover, in the evenings, street vendors come to sell cheap jewelry and eye catching bags in front of the market.Dakshinapan Shopping Center is another famous marketing center in Kolkata. It is clad with Indian state government emporiums which are stocked with fixed price goods from every state of the country. For a more elite crowd and people with hoards of money to spend, a good option is The Forum Mall and the South City Mall. These malls have everything from beautiful clothes, accessories, and shoes to choose from, to a cinema, bar, and Kolkata’s best restaurants as well. On the contrary, Chowringhee Road in Kolkata is very renowned for street shopping. A huge variety of pavement vendors line Chowringhee Road from Park Street to New Market, selling everything bizarre to tacky, including wonderful terracotta wares, which are a Kolkata specialty. Among other traditional shopping markets in Kolkata are the A.C. Market, Vardaan Market and City Center. These places too provide shopping at its best and are also easily accessible as they are situated in the prime locations of the city of joy. Wherever you go shopping in Kolkata, do not miss out on its traditional woven and printed sarees and suit pieces which are readily available almost everywhere in and around the city. Do visit the Park Street area which is housed with plenty of shops like Oxford bookstore, Giggles and the Park Center shopping market complex.

Nice Hotels in Kolkata

Many people visit Kolkata for shopping. But to make a shopping trip more fun, one must find a good hotel for a relaxing stay. Among luxury hotels in Kolkata, one of the best choices is that of Hotel Oberoi. It is a 5 star hotel in Kolkata which is situated right in the New Market shopping complex area. There are hoards of shops lined up just outside the hotel premises, with easy proximity to other shopping locations of Kolkata as well like Park Street, Vardaan Market and A.C. Market. Even the Forum Mall is just 3 km from the hotel location. Being a luxurious 5 star property, it provides the best of services and accommodation facilities along with all latest modern amenities at your finger tips. Being located right in the heart of Kolkata, this hotel enjoys many advantages and benefits over other luxury hotels in Kolkata and therefore is recommended for both business as well as leisure travelers.

Ooty Hotels – Promising a Beautiful Holiday

The beautiful hill station of Ooty, situated just 105 kms away from Coimbatore, is an ideal retreat for tourists wishing to escape the monotony, stress and pollution of the busy city life. The bounties of nature can be seen everywhere in Ooty and this is the perfect place to spend a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. Ooty tourism has a plethora of activities to so and sights to see. The sights of lovely blue mountains, vast tea plantations, gleaming lakes, verdant greenery and blooming flowers will leave you pleasantly dazed. It is no wonder that Ooty is referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations”. As for the sightseeing Ooty tourism will leave you spoilt for choice. The Botanical Garden, Sim’s Park, Rose Garden, Droog Fort, Dodabetta Peak, Mukerti National Park, Emerald lake and Pykara Falls are some of the exciting tourist places in Ooty. There are ample activities to do: trekking, boating, nature walks etc.

There is a wide variety of Ooty hotels across diverse budgets as people from all walks of life visit the destination. From budget accommodation to ultra luxurious resorts, you will find all kinds of Ooty hotels, depending on whether you want to splurge or save. Almost all these hotels can be booked online saving you the hassle of booking after reaching the destination and also helping you compare the prices and locations of various hotels. Depending on your interests, you can choose the Ooty hotels close to the tourist sightseeing spots or if you wish to enjoy the true unspoiled beauty of Ooty stay in the Ooty hotels a little away from the main town centre area.

Some of the budget Ooty hotels are Hotel Darshan, Hotel Sun Park, Hotel Maneck, Hotel Wellback Residency, Meadows Residency, Heaven Holiday Resorts etc. If money is not a concern then you can choose from Hotel Savoy (by Taj Group), Elk Hill (by Sterling Resorts), Fernhills Royal Palace (a heritage hotel, erstwhile palace of the Maharaja of Mysore) and Fortune Hotel Sullivan Court (by ITC Group).

Ooty may be visited at any time of the year except monsoons when the rains are very heavy. Although Ooty is at its natural best during monsoons when the hills acquire a deeper hue and there is abundant greenery all around. But the rains may make it difficult to visit the tourist places. The biggest advantage of off-season is the huge discounts given by the hotels as they are lying vacant. You can enjoy a stay in a luxurious five star at the price of a three star hotel. The other facilities like taxi services etc also reduce their rates in off season. Booking online is a good option as advance booking also fetches discounts.

There is no dearth of hotels in Ooty but if you have a particular hotel or destination in mind then make prior bookings. Regardless of the any of the hotels you stay in, this tiny hill station will holds the promise of an enticing and satisfying vacation for you and your family. So, come and experience a wonderful holiday in the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’.

Olympics Home Rentals Providing World-Class Comforts and Facilities!

Are you planning to enjoy the Olympics games? Want to rent decent houses without scorching your pocket to enjoy the big event? There is nothing to worry about as there are many good Olympics home rentals to choose from. These rental homes are specifically designed to accommodate those who want to rent affordable apartments to witness the grand event. The rent for these homes is 500$ per day and the homes come with all the modern requisites that are required by every guest. The apartment is neatly embellished with beautiful interiors and a host of amenities to satisfy the requirements of every guest. From classical style bedroom to spacious kitchen, the apartments come with all the comforts that one can ask for.

The homes are located in the heart of the city and a short distance away from the Olympic ground where all the events will be held. If you are planning to enjoy the grand event without last minute hassles, then you must book your rentals in advance. Most of the people fail to do so and they end up paying a lot to get last minute bookings. Planning and booking of rental homes in advance will help save both time and money. Fans and tourists from all parts of the globe attend this fantabulous event and most of them book their rental homes months in advance. Due to the high influx of tourists, most of the hotels charge extra rates for a single day. A person traveling on a budget will not be able to cope with the skyrocketing rates so they choose rental homes at affordable prices.

There are many good homes that come at a price of $7.000 per week and you can easily book these properties online. The homes come with an ensuite bedroom, walking closet, air conditioning, cable television, Wi-Fi, and more. Most of these Olympic home rentals are located in the heart of the city and provide easy access to all the major hotspots. Some are located near shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, and other places of interest. Booking of rental homes online is as easy as eating a pie! If you want to rent your property, all you need to do is post them online and get the right clients at just the click of a mouse. The first step is to become a member and activate an account. Once the account is active, you can start posting images of your property online and provide a detailed description of the property.

In addition to this, you can provide your contact number through which clients can contact you for renting your home. Further, you can access the site through mobile and even modify, delete or post new images of your property. You can put any number of pictures according to your choice. Most of the advertising websites provide user-friendly navigation options where customers can browse through the pages and get the required information instantly. With so many wonderful options, anyone can book home rentals without strain. So what more do you need? Start booking your home rental today and enjoy the grand Olympic event with your near and dear ones!

Book Hotels in Andaman From Anywhere

India is a blend of several geographical features and landforms which includes the mountains, hills, plateaus, plains, rivers and islands etc. Perhaps, it has one of the most diversified cultures on the earth. Different sects of people reside here following various customs and traditions. Andaman and Niccobar Islands are also an indispensible part of India like the other twenty eight states and Union territories. Previously, the islands remained uninhabited and there were no signs of human traces. It has been in the last six to seven decades that people started residing there. The people of Andaman are very hospitable and hard working as well.

The Andaman and Niccobar Islands are located on the Bay of Bengal towards the south eastern part of India. The North Andaman Islands, the Middle Andaman Island and the South Andaman Island are some of the important island of the region. The islands are almost pollution free as there are very less vehicles. You can sit and relax yourself on the beaches or get down into the sea. The Andaman also tell the story of the prisoners who were sent here after banishment.

Hotels in India are categorized into three groups. They are Five Star Hotels, Three Star Hotels and ordinary hotels. The general perception is that five star hotels are meant for elite class. Their range is extremely high which is beyond the reach of common people. But the star hotels in Andaman are completely different from others. Not only do they charge affordable range but also provide optimum room services. The hotel staffs are invariably trained and have wide experience to deal with the various requirements of the client. The rooms are well furnished and well with all the modern and advanced facilities. The best time to visit the islands is between Decembers to April.

Hotels in Andaman can be reserved through a number of medium. Most of the people are using internet to book rooms in advance. It is a hassle free process which saves a lot of time. You can also view the rooms through the images and get an idea beforehand regarding the type of rooms. If you are in dilemma regarding the selection of rooms, it is better to take assistance from the travel agents. They can choose the best hotel which will certainly suit your budget. You can also get acquainted with the meal and breakfast services. Moreover, you can inform the authorities about your arrival so that they can send cab.

The star hotel in Andaman is also known for its exotic seafood. You can taste different varieties of fishes and crabs which is difficult to find in other parts of India. They are cooked by some of the experienced chefs and are very spicy. The mouthwatering recipes have a huge demand and so they are tinned and canned. The local guides would give you full information about the various tourist spots.

The hotels in Andaman also organize various cultural programs and events to acquaint the visitors about the cultural of the place. People are overwhelmed and spend their memorable holidays delightfully.

How Comfortable Are The Hotels in Rohtak?

The capital city of India fortunately has a positive impact on all its neighbouring regions. Delhi which is bordered by various other adjacent towns has left a good mark on their existence. The neighbouring towns have become deeply influenced by the development story of the capital city. Delhi’s story of accomplishment has really set up an exemplary stand. Admiring the state of development achieved by the capital, various states now desire to uphold a similar stature. Most of the attributes of the city are quite commendable and it is considered quite difficult for a different state to claim something as that of the capital city itself. However, there are few states which have become similar to that of Delhi in terms of development and advancements.

These states have excelled in numerous renowned fields and are undoubtedly on the path of progress. The state of Haryana is one among the top states which have made their stature similar to that of Delhi. If various surveys are to be believed, the state has done a tremendous progress in the past recent years. Haryana has developed in various aspects among which tourism possesses a top spot. The town of Rohtak in Haryana deserves to get the credit for attracting a huge number of tourists to the state.

Rohtak is honoured with lush green vegetation and outstanding natural ambiance. Rohtak is considered to be the biggest gem of the state. The town is well developed and beholds various spots of tourist attractions. The region has also done extremely well in regards to the hospitality domain. The region has various numbers of hotels and guest houses in its kitty. The hotels in Rohtak have made a discrete status of their own. The hotels in Rohtak promise to give the most comfortable stay to their guests. The facilities offered by the hotels are outstanding and are the actual USP of these hospitality entities.

These accommodation entities make sure that the rooms offered by them are well maintained and comprise and every basic amenity. The health and good welfare of their guests is the prime motive of these services. Most of the services offered by these entities have round the clock availability. They also offer remarkable internet speed which the guests can easily enjoy as per their desire. Some of the guest houses in Rohtak also have a separate customer desk meant specially to give travel related advice to the visiting guests. These desks serve as a medium of awareness for the visiting guests.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a well visited tourist destination of India. It is a group of islands and alluringly located in the Bay of Bengal. It is a Union Territory of India. The islands are detached by the Andaman Sea from Thailand and Burma. The whole place contains two islands named the Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands. The islands are beautifully placed as the Bay of Bengal comes to its west and the Andaman Sea lies to the east. Port Blair is the capital of the the Andamanese town where Car Nicobar is the capital of Nicobar Islands. The islands stretches over an area of 6,496 km2. The place was inhabited by the aboriginal tribes in the pre-historic times. Based on the historical proofs the place relates 2,200 years back. The place is a group of almost 550 islands. Among them it is said the 26 are inhabited by human. The place has a mythological significance as it is believed that once it was the place of Hanuman, a disciple of Lord Rama in the epic Ramayana.

Many historical events are closely associated with this lands. The name Andaman was mentioned in the Arab literature of 9th century. The place was dominated by many rulers and used as a camping location of military soldiers. The Cellular Jail in Port Blair is a well marked place during the time of Indian Independence struggle. several freedom fighters were imprisoned here. The place is famous for eye soothing lush green environs and enticing sea coasts. The sun kissed coasts offers a spectacular view along with the scenic decoration of coconut palms and natural snoring sea waves. The place is encircled with a hilly regions covered with dense wood lands. Several rocky mountains arise here along with the presence of beautiful islets. It is really a visual treat for the tourists. Diglipur is the highest point and well visited by the tourists as it offers a overwhelming view of majestic sea which passionately embracing the pristine shores. Andaman rain forests comprises a good variety of flora included orchids, ferns and a good numbers of woody climbers. The surrounding places and the water of Bay of Bengal are the home of many marine life and animals.

This unpolluted and unexplored beaches are the main attraction of this place. It is a hub of many adventurous people. The place offers many activities included Snorkeling, Trekking, Camping and scuba diving. the place offers a breathtaking views along with a peaceful natural ambiance and adventurous activities and these options make this islands a well destined place for tourists. Samudrika Marine Museum, Viper Island, Andaman Water Sports Complex, Parrot Island, Corbyn’s Cove, Chatham Saw Mill, Cellular Jai, Forest Museum, Smith Islands, Mud Volcano at Baratang Island, Neil Island, Little Andaman Island, Cutbert Bay Beach, Little Andaman Island, Science Centre,Radha Nagar Beach, Sippighat Farm, Ross Island are some well visited places of attractions. Durga Pooja and Mari Amman festivals are most visited festivals of this place. Island Tourism Festival generally celebrates in December-January month and it is an another praise worthy festival which allures many tourists. Hindi is the predominant language of the century past islands. Andaman’s airport is located at Port Blair. By air the place is connected with Chennai and Kolkata. The Islands are well linked by sea. cruises are available and make this place accessible from Kolkata and Chennai. The place belongs to a moderate temperature and October to May is referred as the ideal time to visit this place.

Barren Island

Barren Island is located in the most eastern part of Andaman Islands. It is included as a part of the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is considered as a confirmed active volcano and it is the only one volcano in its kind in South Asia. It is 135 km far from the Port Blair, the capital city of this territory. For the last time the volcano was erupted in May 2008 and still continues. Being a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, it is known for its active volcano. The place stretches over an area of 10 km?? and holds 3 km diameter. It is located at an altitude of 305 m above sea level. The highest elevation of this land is 354 metres. The volcano is specified as Strato-Volcano with characteristic pyroclastic cones. Along with the depth of 150 fathoms it is located half km far from the seashore. Here Narcondum is a dormant volcano and Alcock and Sewell are volcanic sea-mounts. Barren Island experienced the first volcanic eruption in 1787. Another eruptions were recorded in 1789. Again it was happened gradually in 1795, 1803, 1804 and 1852. After a period of abeyance, the another eruption was happened in 1991 and it lasted for six months. This eruption made a considerable damage as it was followed by a series of eruptions. The eruption happened in 2005 – 2007 is said to be connected with the Indian Ocean Earthquake held in 2004. Located in the volcanic belt at the edge of the Indian and Burmes tectonic plates. Studies suggest that it possesses inner volcanic arch stretching from Sumatra to Myanmar. Related to geological, geothermal studies it is believed that the island lies on the crowning point of a 2250 m high strato-volcano placed on the sea floor. Studies also suggest that it was existed in the late Pleistocene period. 250 – 350 m high pre-caldera deposits are seen here which resembles as 2 km wide walls. The name is well significant with the nature of the place as it is a departed place. Feral goats few rodent species like rats and birds are seen here. The place holds two freshwater springs and these are the main water source. Vegetations are seen in a few part of inner caldera and outer it is the only active volcano so it is a prime tourist attraction of this place. The place is visited by the board vessels.

If you are traveling to Andaman . start from Singapore You can get some good accommodation and transport in Singapore .

What to Inspect For When Booking a Hotel in Ostsee?

When planning a vacation to Ostsee (Baltic Sea) in Europe, it is essential to keep in mind few things before booking an accommodation. The destination offers a variety of tourist attractions and a peaceful vacation in the lap of the sea and nature.

Here, is a checklist that should be considered while choosing a Schlosshotel in Ostsee :


It is the most influential factor as its proximity to main attractions, fun parks, restaurants and beaches affect one’s decision. If someone is visiting for an urgent business meeting than it should be very close to the town centre and transport facilities. Closeness to sporting facilities, medical services and shopping centers also play a crucial role.


A good sleep can not be compared with anything, and most of the hotels are replacing their old furniture with new and soft mattresses. A bed with so many pillows and quilts or bedsheets is not an ideal one to sleep, hence make a bed an important matter of consideration. Look for the queen sized beds and do not forget to confirm the cleanliness.


An attached bathroom with all accessories like a fresh and soft towel, perfumed soaps, shampoo and modern shower should be considered. Water pressure play a decisive role; thus, make sure to choose an accommodation with good shower facilities.

Internet Connection

Whether it is wired or wireless, Internet connection is an essential, especially when one is visiting for business purpose. To stay at the top with news, e-mails or presentations, a high-speed Internet plays a very prominent role.

Air Conditioning

A room with adequate air conditioning is worth investing than a room with no temperature control. Make sure to check whether the hotel is providing proper air-conditioning facilities or not.


Having a delicious breakfast in the room itself is like enjoying a vacation with no worries of finding a restaurant and hunting through its menu. Try to choose the resort that provides free breakfast to its guests.

Swimming Pool

Those planning to stay in a luxurious hotel should look for indoor or outdoor swimming pool facilities. Some of the best resorts provide world-class facilities including pool, massage centers, spas, saunas, etc. Try to make a vacation an unforgettable one with top-notch facilities.


It is an indispensable factor to consider whether one is visiting by his/her own car or hiring the services of private or public transfers. Check whether the hotel is offering shuttle services to the local attraction, shopping centers and airport.


Those planning a trip with family or friends, it is a better idea to book an accommodation with an attached mini-kitchen. A clean microwave and small refrigerator are like a bonus that help visitors to cook their own food.

Search a variety of options available using Internet and make an outstanding choice based on above mentioned criterion.