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The Greatest Treasures Found in Portsea of Mornington

Has anyone heard about penguin parade? Yes this is the most exciting thing to see on the Philip Island. It is a popular tourist attraction in Eastern Victoria. The look of the waddling of the little penguins on the shore of the Summerland Beach and their burrows at every sunset during all year is just wonderful.

People often visit this place to see only these penguins. These penguins used to feed their young ones during the summer and preen themselves on the shore around the year. It seems that visitors are watching them are oblivious. Next beautiful place is the seal rocks in the western end of the island at the rugged cliffs, where the largest colony of the fur seals of Australia resides. Almost 7000 seals can be seen in this place playing, surfing and feeding their young ones.

Boat trip or board standing view are the ways to see these seals. Philip Island is full of animals of different species and even a large number of koalas are also seen in this place. Then from the east side of the Philip Island is the Mornington peninsula. The Mornington peninsula which extends from Frankston to the Portsea is one the most beautiful Australian places. In this area one can enjoy the accommodation Portsea. The sandy beaches are really amazing and relaxing especially for spending summer holidays. These sandy beaches are very much captivating for sailing, paddling, windsurfing etc. wherein the coast facing Bass Strait is having rock pools, surf beaches and rocky reefs. Moving the length of the peninsula is the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

Accommodation Mornington is available to stay on these places. If you are in the search of chic, sea side resort then you should visit the village of Flinders where the playground Portsea is the most famous for the summer fun. There is a remote French island where there is no telephone or electrical connections. This place of the Mornington peninsula is most famous for its art galleries, scenic beauty, delicious restaurants and small cafes. It is known for the production of vegetables, fruits and grapes most recently. The wine industry is booming here with more than fifty wineries. This peninsula is actually a forest but trees were cut to convert the wild forests into a beautiful city which is now Melbourne. Pinot noir is one of the most special varieties of this place which is well suited to its climate and soil.